Sunday, June 14, 2009


Saturday, Chet and I drove to Orlando to visit Jenni (Chet's sister) and baby Jacob. Tyler was visiting his cousins out of town, so we didn't get to see him, but we did get to visit with Wes at the dealership...for quite a while! One of the reasons we drove to Orlando was to look at new (and used) cars at Wes' dealership, and we ended up buying one (pictures to follow...we haven't taken any yet)! In addition to the thrill of driving back to Jacksonville in a new car, it was great to visit with Jenni and her family. Now that Chet and I are more stable in Jacksonville (and not always out to sea), we plan on visiting our family in Florida more often.
Chet, Jenni, and Jacob
Jenni, Jacob, and Ashley
Jacob was tired from the long day, and the only thing he seemed to like was Chet holding him like this so that he could stare at the moving ceiling fan.
Here's how he eventually ended up...

Thanks again, Wes, Jenni, and Jacob, for a great Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you too! It was nice to visit with you guys again, and I'm glad Wes could help you out. Congrats on the new car!