Tuesday, July 27, 2010

6-Months Old!

Can you believe Sydney is six-months old today? Chet and I certainly can't! We are so thankful for our Sweet Angel/Sugar Bear/Syd Syd (those are just a few of many nicknames)! Here is six months in review:
And, mainly for Chet, because he knows how these things go, here are all of the pictures (in order) from the six-month photo shoot:
Here's where I took away the lion...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Few Pictures


There's nothing to eat on this spoon...


A couple of weeks ago I cut quite a few inches off my hair. It had gotten so long, and I had reached the point where I NEVER fixed it anymore (just wore it in a ponytail), so I cut it. I'm really happy with my decision!
Don't look so excited, Sydney!

Chet got a haircut the same day! (Don't you love the flattering self portraits we each took?)

Happy Anniversary!

Today is Chet's and my fourth wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary, honey! Since we knew Chet would be gone today, we celebrated the event last month, June 22nd. Actually, last year's anniversary is the ONLY anniversary we've spent together so far: Year 1 Chet was underway with his ship, Year 2 I was on deployment with my ship, and Year 4 Chet is in Africa. Whew!

This evening, Sydney and I went out to dinner to a local pizza place at the beach to celebrate. Sydney was a great date, but we certainly missed our husband and daddy!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Old News: Father's Day Weekend

The Saturday of Father's Day weekend we drove to Orlando for a little family gathering. It was Chet's last time (until he returns from Africa) to see his grandma, parents, sister, and nephews, and it was a really enjoyable visit!

Sydney and Tyler

Sydney, pay attention to the book!

On our way home from Orlando, we stopped to eat Mexican food for Chet's Father's Day dinner. (Ha! Sydney REALLY wanted to eat it even though she doesn't know what anything other than milk tastes like!)

We also had a wonderful Father's Day. It was low-key, but great. At daycare the week prior, Sydney did a hand print project, so I framed the artwork and wrapped it as a Father's Day gift from Sydney. He loved it! Chet is the best daddy Sydney Jo could ever ask for!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chet in Africa

Hi, everyone! Chet made it safely to Djibouti (pronounced "ja-BOOTY"), Africa. I dropped him off at the airport Thursday evening (July 1st), and he hopped a commercial flight to Newark, then to Paris (where he had a 12-hour layover), then to Djibouti. He arrived Saturday morning, and was exhausted, but glad to finally begin his 6-month tour. We both believe this will be very good for his career. We were able to talk via Skype while he was in the Paris airport, and we've talked on the phone every day (sometimes twice a day) since he's arrived. The lines of communication are SO MUCH BETTER than when we were both on our ships, and for that we are thankful.

Daddy and Sydney (the morning of the day Chet departed)

Since Chet's been gone, Sydney and I have gone on lots of walks in the jogging stroller (well, I walk...Sydney just sits back and enjoys the ride). On Sunday we went to church, then to a friend's house for a 4th of July gathering. There were five women there (including me), and all of our husbands (except for one) were on deployment. And we each had a baby!
I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend. I have lots of older news to post, so stay tuned!