Monday, May 24, 2010

Picture Sneak Peek!

Hi, everyone! Check out this blog for a sneak peek at Sydney's first round of professional pictures! I can't wait to see the rest!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Sydney also has a second tooth (but only her bottom left tooth is visible in this picture...barely)! Soon she will have two very visible bottom front teeth. Chet is so excited. He talked on and on to Sydney about how we're going to buy her a toothbrush and some floss and make her a dentist appointment...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big Updates

Wow, lots to update! Where to start...

Tuesday we learned that we are moving September 10th! Not far, just a couple of blocks away. Our base is in the process of rebuilding all of the base housing, and it is time for them to tear down and rebuild our section. Although I'm not really looking forward to the logistics of moving and we'll miss the beach in our backyard, we're moving into a brand new house! It's two-story, and apparently bigger than the one we live in now (and I feel like we currently have plenty of space). Here's a link to what the houses look like...

Also on Tuesday, when we picked Sydney up from daycare, her daycare provider asked, "Did you know she has a tooth?" No, we didn't! The little squirt cut her first tooth (bottom left) without telling us! No wonder she's been drooling so much... I'll try to get a picture, but I'm not making any promises...

Speaking of Sydney's daycare provider, she's moving! Her husband is in the Coast Guard and was told May 7th that he needed to pack up and move his family in two weeks. Thankfully, we found another provider, and we met her Tuesday after picking Sydney up from daycare. She's very nice, and, in addition to Sydney, will be taking care of a 17-month old, a two-year old, and her own three-year old. I'll really miss Sydney's current provider, but I think this one will work out well...

Today Sydney had her picture made! I'm still kicking myself for not getting her picture made as a newborn, so I'm making up for it by doing four-month shots, seven-month shots, and one-year old shots (it's a package deal). I was very happy with the photographer, and can't wait to see the pictures! She'll put a sneak peek on her blog (I'll share the link once I have it), and I'll officially view and order the prints June 2nd.

Finally, the biggest news. Chet is leaving July 1st for Djibouti, Africa for six months. This is something that we (not just him, but "we") volunteered for. With the war going on, there's always the possibility that he will be chosen to serve somewhere overseas, but more likely in Iraq or Afghanistan, and for longer than six months (usually an entire year). We volunteered for this position because Djibouti is much safer than Iraq or Afghanistan, and because it's only half a year. (By the way, I could be chosen for similar tasking, but not until Sydney is a year old.) So that's the deal. We're not thrilled, but we're not surprised either, and we welcome all the prayers we can get while Chet prepares to leave and during his six-month tour of duty!

That's it for now! Pictures to follow!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

I had such a wonderful first Mother's Day! Chet and Sydney gave me tulips Wednesday, and we went out to dinner Saturday evening (the restaurant I wanted to go to is closed Sundays, and it was nice to avoid the Mother's Day crowd).

Mother's Day Dinner
Sunday morning was Sydney's dedication ceremony at church. Grammy, Papa Greg, and Uncle Todd (Chet's parents and brother) drove up for the ceremony. Sydney did great, and looked adorable, of course! Later that day we all went to Marshalls (I've been wanting to go forever, but haven't found the time during the week). Chet got some clothes, Sydney got a Ralph Lauren dress, and I didn't get anything (nothing jumped out at me, so why waste the money?). Besides, it's just as fun for me when my husband and daughter are wearing cute clothes! Later, at home, Chet and I watched "Crazy Heart", which we really enjoyed, and Sydney fell asleep on my chest. What a perfect end to a great day!
Dedication Prayer

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bridal Shower

Last weekend, Chet, Sydney, and I drove down to West Palm Beach to help host a bridal shower for our future sister-in-law, Raquel (she's marrying Chet's younger brother, Todd). The shower was a huge success, with great food, fantastic cake, and good company. Sydney wore what I like to call her "party outfit", and she loved hanging out with the big girls.
It was a good first trip since Sydney's been born for all of us. The only downside was I forgot to pack a single bow for her to wear. Bows will be the first item on my packing list later this month when we fly to Texas!


Chet's been bugging me about posting this for weeks now. Sometimes Sydney's bib gets turned completely around, making it look like she's wearing a cape and causing Chet to yell, "Superbaby!". Like so:
(And Sydney is coincidentally wearing the exact same outfit as her three-month shoot. Oops.)

Three Months Old!

Sydney turned three months old last Wednesday! Can you believe it? I certainly can't! In honor of her turning three months old, I took the Bumbo chair out of its box and let her sit in it for a few minutes. She did great! (She always gets this really important look on her face when she's sitting up and holding her head steady, as if she knows she's doing something older kids do!)

Also, I realized that I never posted the two-month picture that I took last month. So here she is one- (for comparison), two-, and three-months old.
One Month
Two Months
Three Months

Here are some more pictures from her three-month shoot. Each month we've taken some pictures with this adorable lion (given to Sydney by my dear friend Angela), but this is the first month that she seemed happy he was in the picture with her! (And I promise the red-eye function is "on" when I take my pictures...perhaps it's time to upgrade my camera!)
Two Chins
Mid-Shoot Stretch