Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's a...!

Hi, everyone! Chet and I are so excited to let you know that we're having a little girl! We had an ultrasound at 8:00 a.m. today, and it went very well. Before we even started, the sonographer asked if we wanted to know the sex...we emphatically answered, "Yes!". She also explained to us that girls are a little more difficult to determine than boys, but 45 minutes later there were no signs of little boy parts, and she said she was 98% sure it was a girl! She also took several pictures of all of the organs and the spine, and she said everything looked great. My next OB/GYN appointment is October 6th.

After the ultrasound, Chet suggested going to Babies 'R' Us to look around. We hadn't looked at or shopped for any baby items since we found out we were pregnant...mostly because we wanted to get our move out of the way and because I would go too crazy trying to mentally decorate a room when I didn't know the sex! Anyway, we had fun, and can't wait to continue spreading the news.

Can't wait to hear what y'all think!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Maryland Weekend

This past weekend Chet and I flew to Baltimore, where we stayed with our adopted grandmother, Grams. We arrived late Friday night, and visited the Naval Academy early Saturday afternoon. We shopped at the Midshipmen Store, and then walked off campus into downtown Annapolis, where we ate lunch and ice cream, and browsed around some shops. Saturday was Navy's home opener against Louisiana Tech (Navy won, 32-14), so there weren't very many midshipmen milling around the Academy or downtown.

Tecumseh Statue in the Academy's Tecumseh Court (painted for the game)

Ashley in front of Bill the Goat Statue at the Academy

On Saturday evening, we attended my sponsor dad's, Bob's, surprise 50th birthday party. Bob and his wife Sue live in California, but flew to Baltimore for the weekend for the Baltimore Ravens' home opener. Bob had no idea about the party, and was thrilled to see me and to finally meet Chet. Here's a picture of me with the Grabarek family (poor Chet had to take the picture).
Kelly, Julie, Bob, Ashley, Sue, and Stephanie

We left Annapolis Sunday, but had a nice breakfast and lunch with Grams before flying back to Jacksonville.

Grams and Chet (eyes closed)

Grams and Ashley

Friday, September 11, 2009

19 Weeks

Hi, everyone! Here I am at 19 weeks. The black thing around my waist is a Bella Band, which allows me to continue to wear all of my regular clothes instead of investing in an entirely new wardrobe. Although I haven't grown tremendously, I am starting to look more pregnant to the rest of the world (which thrills Chet).

19 Weeks

19 Weeks with Clothes

Tuesday is our big ultrasound that will hopefully tell us the baby's sex! So far I have one blog follower who thinks it's a boy, and one who thinks it's a girl...tell us your guess before Tuesday! Also, we're about to head to the airport; we're visiting Annapolis this weekend! We'll post pictures and tell you all about it after we return Sunday. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Jersey Weekend

Last Thursday Chet and I flew to New Jersey for Labor Day weekend so that we could attend Dani and Brandon's wedding (college friends). We stayed with Chet's Aunt Carol, and on Friday night had an absolutely fantastic homemade dinner of filet mignon and fresh corn on the cob (picked straight from the field!).
Chet Shucking Corn
On Saturday we drove to Morristown, New Jersey for the wedding, but stopped to pick up Michelle at her hotel on the way. The ceremony was held at a Catholic church in Morristown, and the reception was at a nearby (gorgeous) hotel. It was great to celebrate Dani and Brandon's wedding, and to catch up with so many college friends!
Walking Down the Aisle
Chet and Dani at the Reception
Michelle, Dani, and Ashley at the Reception
Chet and Ashley at the Reception
On Sunday, Aunt Carol, Chet, and I drove into New York City to see the musical "9 to 5". It was absolutely fantastic, and Megan Hilty, who played Dolly Parton's character Doralee Rhodes, had mastered Dolly Parton's voice and mannerisms! It was, by far, the most enjoyable musical I had ever seen (in my opinion, better than "Wicked", but not quite as good as my favorite, "Oklahoma!").
In Front of "9 to 5" Poster

After the show we shopped for souvenirs (we bought a "9 to 5" magnet) and ate dinner at a local pizza joint. By the way, the weather in the city was absolutly perfect! Thanks again, Aunt Carol, for a fanstatic trip!

Sensory Overload

Thursday, September 3, 2009

18 Weeks

Here's my 18 week picture! Perhaps it's just Chet and me, but we don't think I look quite as round this week as I did last week. Which is funny, because I looked round for three or four days last week...and I promise I didn't take last week's picture right after consuming a huge meal. Anyway, tell us what you think!
18 Weeks

Compared to 17 Weeks

Just 12 days until our big ultrasound!