Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We moved (sort of)!

The reason I haven't posted anything in three weeks is because Chet and I have been extremely busy moving. Our realtor/property manager found renters for our condo, which thrilled us! The only catch was, the family wanted to rent a furnished home...in two weeks..., so Chet and I thought about whether or not we could/wanted to do that, and decided to go for it! Mom and Dad Wyckoff were gracious enough to drive up to Jacksonville July 4th weekend to help us move the big things, and Chet and I continued to move each day after work until everything was finished (the renters moved in July 15th). Because we rented the condo furnished, we had to replace some of the furniture that we moved with us (see pictures below). It was a big job, finding replacement furniture and rearranging the house with the items that we left for the renters, but it was also sort of fun!

Now that we have our condo rented, we will begin house hunting. Since the renters moved in so fast, we're in a small apartment (with most of our big belongings in storage) for a few months while we look for a house. We were adamant about not buying a house until we knew we could rent out the condo; if we couldn't find renters, our plan was to stay in the condo for the remainder of our time in Jacksonville. We'll keep you updated!
Chet Moving
Ashley Not Moving
Storage Unit (not full yet)
Messy Master Bedroom Closet Before
Clean Master Bedroom Closet AfterMessy Living Room Before Clean Living Room After #1
Clean Living Room After #2 (new coffee table) Messy Kitchen Before
Clean Kitchen After #1
Clean Kitchen After #2
Master Bedroom #1 Master Bedroom #2 (new chest of drawers)
Master Bedroom #3 (new bedside table)Master Bedroom #4 (new dresser and mirror)Guest/Kid's Room #1 (new bed, bedspread, and bedside table)Guest/Kid's Room #2 (new chest of drawers)
Guest/Kid's Room #3 (new dresser and mirror)

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