Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grant's Visit

Last Thursday, Grant flew into Jacksonville to visit Chet and me for the weekend. I was able to take off work Friday (Chet couldn't take off due to a week-long conference he had to attend) to spend time with my baby brother. I took Grant to the base on Friday to attend a picnic hosted by my ship, so he was able to meet some people I work with. Friday night, the three of us saw the movie "Moon", and Saturday we went to the beach and Joe's Crab Shack for dinner. The inbetween times were filled with eating cheese dip, trips to the library, reading, games of Skip-Bo, and a lot of laughing. We had a really great time, and wish his visit weren't so short! Here are some pictures (of course, I forgot my camera when we went to the beach, so I only have pictures from Grant's first day and right before we left for the airport Sunday).

Grant Tackling Chet (right after Chet arrived home from work)
Grant and Ashley
Chet, Ashley, and Grant

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