Saturday, November 7, 2009

27 Weeks and Crib

Hi, everyone! Here is my 27-week picture, compared again to my picture from last week. I don't think I grew as much this week as I did last week...which may mean I grow twice as much next week!

26 Weeks
27 Weeks

I had a doctor appointment Thursday, and the baby's heart is still beating at a strong 150 beats per minute. I've gained just about 10 lbs, and the doctor said that my tummy measurement is right where it should be (this is the first time she pulled out the tape measure). The appointment was also a little unnerving, just because the doctor had to explain that at this point in the pregnancy I need to go straight to labor and delivery if anything seems wrong. Hopefully this baby continues to cook for as long as possible! I also received my H1N1 vaccine, and was supposed to do my glucose test Thursday, but I did it Friday morning at the clinic in Mayport (closer to home) instead. I should have those results next week.
In other news, we're starting to put the nursery together! In the last three weeks we've gone through and taken out all of the boxes that were stacked in the nursery from our move, and Chet put together the crib, armoir, and dresser/changing table that we ordered. I also picked out the paint color (pink, of course!), so we'll do a test swatch to see if what I picked is the color we'll actually go with. (By the way...there are WAY too many shades of pink available at Lowe's and Home Depot. It's just not right.) Thankfully, Chet's dad is visiting next weekend while I'm in Texas, and they will do all of the painting while I'm gone. I'll post more pictures of the room after it's painted (right now it's way too white).
Chet (just starting to put the crib together)
Ashley (posing next to the crib as if she put it together by herself)


The Jackmans said...

Putting the nursery together is so much fun! I remember it was so exciting to get the crib ready and set up the room!

Anonymous said...

Just wait until you start organizing, and reorganizing the room....over and over...I started to annoy myself when I would go in there and take all the folded clothes out of the drawers, and refold them into different was pathetic! LOL See you Saturday, can't wait!


Anonymous said...


Karlee & I enjoyed the shower today. You look beautiful!!

We are excited for you and Chet and can't wait to meet baby girl Wykoff!!

Cindy Gens