Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weather (and other things)

The last two mornings (when I walk outside for the first time to load the car for work and school) the temperature has felt...nice. That being said, I have a confession to make, something I've finally admitted to myself: I don't like summer. Not at all. I used to like summer...back when I was in middle school and I spent all day long at the neighborhood pool, playing with friends and eating mostly Cheetos. But now I don't like it. I think spending four years in Annapolis has something to do with it. The summers in Annapolis were also very hot, but there were three other very distinct seasons to balance the hot summer weather. And I was okay with that. But I'm not okay with the Jacksonville summers (and I'm sure I won't like Mississippi summers either, which is where we hope to move next). Oh, well. Perhaps Chet and I can eventually do a tour in Annapolis or D.C., and that will satiate my desire for seasons for a while!

In other news, Sydney's two top teeth are in! They're not visible unless you're really looking for them, but they've definitely broken through, and she's seemed much happier the last couple of days now that her top teeth are finally here!
We're also doing Sydney's second photo session tomorrow! I'm really excited, and I think her pictures will turn out really cute since she's sitting up so well. I'll keep you all posted regarding where to view her pictures online!
Ready for School
Ready for Church
Wild Hair + Prunes = Wild Child
New Pajamas


CranfordFamily said...

how funny! I was just thinking the other day how much I hate summer and how much I hate when people complain how cold it is in the winter! Usually the people complaining about how cold it is, are the first ones to say how hot it is! You'll never hear me complain about cold weather! I used to wait all year for summer, when we were kids, like you said, but now I can't wait for winter!

This time next week I'll be all stressed out about packing and getting things together to fly to FL to see.....YOU AND SYDNEY! I can't wait! I'm nervous but very excited!!!

CranfordFamily said...

Oh, and HOW CUTE! I miss footed jammies! Cori would NEVER let me put those on her now!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about summers in the south. Great pics of Sweetums, Jr.