Friday, November 5, 2010


Sydney's first Halloween was interesting. I decided not to take her trick-or-treating, because she's not going to remember it anyway, Chet wasn't here to enjoy it with us, and everyone would know that I would be the one eating the candy rather than Sydney. Instead, we bought candy, dressed up (just Sydney), and handed out candy to all of the little trick-or-treaters. I say "little", but the majority of the children trick-or-treating were much older, and seemed unable to utter "trick or treat". They simple thrust out their candy bags and expected me to fill them to the brim. And that annoyed me, because, in my opinion, if you're too old to say "trick or treat", you're too old to be trick-or-treating! Okay, that's my rant for the day. Anyway, I way underestimated the amount of candy I needed to buy, and quickly ran out (and got dirty looks from all of the children when I only gave them one piece in order to conserve it as long as possible). So Sydney an I abandoned the house and sat on the porch with our across-the-street neighbors (who bought plenty of candy) and helped them. I took several pictures of Sydney in her Naval Academy cheerleading costume, but she was so BUSY it was hard to capture a good picture of her. Also, it was tough taking pictures in between answering the ringing doorbell. Sydney loved putting the wrapped candy in her mouth (don't worry, I didn't hand those pieces out to the kids).


Anonymous said...

Wish I had been there! PJ

CranfordFamily said...

Love her little bag! That's cute!!