Monday, December 17, 2012

Running/Project/Diva/Random Pictures

I feel the need to let everyone know that I did not run the half marathon that I was planning on running the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I was doing well training, then the girls got sick, which coincided with Chet working really long days.  My only options for running were at 4:00 a.m. or 9:00 p.m...and I'm just not that dedicated!  I could have run the race, but I wanted to run it well, not run it and have a broken body for several weeks afterward (or walk it).  My goal is to properly train, so I shall choose another race and train for that.

I forgot to post pictures of my little project in my Christmas decor post.  We took family Christmas pictures last year, and I wanted to display them only during Christmastime.  And I wanted them in frames that are obviously Christmas-y.  The solution?  Ridiculously gaudy bright silver, red, and green spray paint!

I already owned the silver frame (it was originally black), and I bought the other two at Goodwill (nice wooden frames with really interesting custom-framed pictures in them...a Native American and a carousel horse).  Viola!  A Christmas-only display!

Sydney is a diva, as far as dress.  She doesn't really act like one (thank goodness), but she loves bows, sunglasses, dresses, etc.  Perhaps she is more "girly" than "diva", but diva is what I think when I see these pictures:
Check out that pink Razr phone.

Here are some more, not-so-diva-ish pictures.  We have been trying to get back in the habit of going outside more often.

I bought these fashion glasses for Syd at Target...and then returned them.  And Lorelei's burp rag is literally her pacifier.

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Casey said...

I love them so much!!!! (I try to blog, but when I click new blog it goes to a blank screen)