Saturday, September 21, 2013

21 and 24 Weeks

I'm still taking belly photos, sort of.  My dad was visiting at the 21-week mark, so he took my picture, but then we went out of town for two weeks.  So I was in Orlando at my 22-week point and in Baltimore at my 23-week point -- no pictures.  But my neighbor took my picture today, so woo hoo!

21 Weeks

21 Weeks

24 Weeks
That's sort of a "yikes" picture.  I think it needs to be the last time I wear that shirt for a while...

Just for fun, here are my 24-week pictures with Sydney and Lorelei:
24 Weeks with Sydney ("yikes" again...what was I wearing?)
24 Weeks with Lorelei

We arrived back home this past Tuesday.  It really is nice to be back.  I didn't realize how tired all that traveling would make me.  In fact, I went to the hospital in Houston on Monday, because I was having more contractions than I thought I should be having.  (I always experience Braxton-Hicks contractions during my pregnancies, but Sunday night/Monday morning I felt like they were more frequent than normal.)  Anyway, everything is perfectly fine.  I was just a little dehydrated, super tired, and thrown off from my drastic change in daily schedule.  Apparently all of those things (or even just one of those things) can make you have an "angry" uterus, thus the contractions in my case.

And since I feel like I've been a bad mommy blogger lately, here are some random pictures of my children...

Lorelei's ridiculously chubby toes (check out the flip-flop arrangement on that right foot):

Lorelei, door police:

A rare picture of the three of us:

Papa John reading to Lorelei...

...while Sydney acted like a cat/dog:

Some pre-bedtime brain cell reducing, I mean, TV watching:

Sydney specifically requested I take this picture:

Crazy hair going on here (Sydney has two clips in her hair also, a Christmas present and an Easter egg):

This was earlier today.  I asked Syd to take this pile of clothes to the laundry room, and she did.  But then she brought the clothes back and arranged them into a "crib."  She is pretending to sleep in the crib.  Weird.

I hope everyone's having a great weekend!


Casey said...

LOVE THE PICTURES and those sweet faces!!! Their imaginations are so fun right now!

Chet and Ashley said...

Aww, thanks, Case!