Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy October and 2 Months Down!

Happy October, everyone!  I love this month, and I am super happy I have a daughter born right smack in the middle of it (rather than another January birthday; we have already succeeded in saturating the month of January with birthdays).

October in this house means eating lots of candy corn and wearing Halloween garb all month long (as soon as I wash it, they're wearing it again -- gotta get your money's worth!).

These pictures were taken yesterday; they're both wearing orange again today.  Bring on the cold weather so I can put them in their long-sleeved Halloween garb!

Also, today marks two months since Chet left for deployment -- woo hoo!  Here is the progress we have made on the M&M jar:
Are you thinking that it's impossible to tell from these pictures if there is actually less candy in the jar?  Yes, I agree.  But I know there is less, since the girls have eaten 124 M&Ms between them.  Yikes.


Anonymous said...

Good pics of the G-girls! -PJ

Chet and Ashley said...

Thanks, PJ -- we love you!