Tuesday, December 3, 2013

30-34 Weeks

My dad said he liked it when I posted several belly shots in one blog post, because it's easier to see the progression.  I took that as, "Ashley, there's no need to blog every week!"

Here are my belly photos, with a few "outtakes", from the last five weeks:
30 Weeks (we see you Sydney!)


31 Weeks
32 Weeks

33 Weeks

Syd's snazzy new outfit (like me, she loves the word snazzy...she also calls the poofy things on her shoulders "angel wings" and the bow on the front of her shirt "a dog bone")
34 Weeks (I feel like I look gigantic here...I blame the too-short shirt)


Angela said...

You look adorable!! Sometime when you get a 25th hour in the day, will you post a pic with one of the girls and a pic with Baby Boy at the same week, from the side? It woud be so interesting to see if you are carrying them the same!

Anonymous said...

You look so cute! Hope you are feeling well. Hope you all have a great Christmas!
Aunt Shannon

Chet and Ashley said...

Angela, I will DEFINITELY do this the next time I do a belly post! It will be a piece of cake, because I was pretty organized with how I catalogued these belly pictures with all three pregnancies -- great idea!

Chet and Ashley said...

Thank you, Aunt Shannon! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas too!

Casey said...

Duh, leave it to you to be organized :)

Casey said...

Love Syd's dog bone shirt. I too, use the word Snazzy!!! I'm sadly jealous of your bump!