Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ford's Birth Story: Part 1

I'm finally transferring Ford's birth story from my head to paper (well, virtual paper). I never wrote out Sydney's or Lorelei's birth stories because, well, they just weren't that interesting. But the girls' labors and deliveries will come out as Ford's story unfolds, because my experiences with the girls shaped my decisions regarding Ford's birth. And I have no idea how long this post(s) will be, so take a minute to go pop some popcorn and put on your comfy pants, because it might take a while...

(You may like to know that I am using my iPhone to write this, and that I am kicked back in the recliner in our bedroom with Ford snoring on my chest. Ain't no one got time to sit properly at a computer these days. :-))

The spark I needed to finally record this life event occurred last night at "Wine Night" (yes, this little event is just as glorious as it sounds). My labor and delivery nurse neighbor who delivered Ford reminded me of some things that I had forgotten about the night he was born, and I wanted to record them before I forgot again.

Wait, back up. Let's dissect that last sentence.

"My LABOR AND DELIVERY NURSE neighbor who delivered Ford..." This suggests that a labor and delivery nurse delivered my baby, and not a doctor. Which is a true statement. And something that I am perfectly fine with, because to quote my dear friend Angela (after hearing the story): "I've always thought nurses do 95% of the work--turns out she did 100!" (No offense to any doctors who may read this blog.)

"My labor and delivery nurse NEIGHBOR who delivered Ford..." This suggests that my neighbor delivered Ford, which is also a true statement. She lives five houses down from us. Thankfully she delivered him at the hospital where she works, and not in our neighborhood (not that I am against home births, I just wasn't prepared for that).

So, in case anyone is still trying to put the pieces together (I'm sure no one is), my labor and delivery nurse neighbor delivered Ford, and we rehashed the event last night at a social function involving wine. I'd like to think this makes Ford's birth story interesting, if not a little out of the ordinary. You be the judge!

(By now you're probably thinking, "Is she ever going to start telling this story?! I've already finished my popcorn for crying out loud!")

And the answer is, no, I am not going to finish (ahem, start) the story right now. Because I need to get out of this recliner and join the rest of my family downstairs, even though Ford is still happily snoring away. And I am going to stifle my perfectionist tendencies by hitting "Publish" on this post instead of waiting to create the perfect post, complete with pictures. I have to start somewhere, or else the memory of Ford's birth will slowly fade, and then I'll only be left with my perfectionist tendencies...

Aforementioned snoring baby:

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