Friday, February 14, 2014

The Life of Lorelei

I've accumulated quite a few interesting pictures of Lorelei lately, so I thought I'd share. But first, Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you to our family who sent us cards--we did not have our acts together enough this year to send out anything, but we LOVE you all (y'all)! We didn't even celebrate within our own little family, although Chet cheated a little and got cards from the kids for me.

I can't wait for all of the boxed chocolate to go on sale tomorrow...

A lot of pink:

Acting like she's enrolled in Syd's preschool:

Laying on the steps at City Hall (something tells me this won't be allowed at the government buildings in D.C.):

Hanging out in the princess tent:

We converted her crib to a big girl bed last Thursday:

Sorting, her favorite pastime:

Reading in her makeshift bed (yes, that's Ford's bathtub):

Chet took her to Subway this morning for breakfast (all it took was her throwing a huge, low-blood-sugar fit in the car...and remind me to show Chet where we keep our combs so he can run one through her hair before going out in public :-)):

"This is not too big for me, Daddy!" (because she often hears that things are too big for her...stubby little legs...):

"Go under me, Daddy!" (Syd's and her favorite game):

Poor Ford--his sisters will never let let anything be just his:


Anonymous said...

She's sweet and special!

Anonymous said...

She's just adorable! Love that blonde hair! (combed or not! - haha)
Kisses to all!!
Aunt Shannon