Sunday, January 24, 2016

Recent Belly Pictures!

I can't believe I haven't posted any belly pictures in 9 weeks!  (I also can't believe I let another 20 days pass without blogging, but let's just gloss over that.)

As of last Thursday I am 34 weeks along.  It's getting real, people, especially considering I had the other three kiddos at 39 weeks.  I'm also in full blown nesting mode (although I think Chet would tell you that I'm constantly nesting; he just changes the word to "scurrying" when I'm not pregnant).

Anyway, click here to see my post with 22-, 24-, and 25-week belly pictures, if you want.

It wasn't until just now that I realized I was negligent in taking a picture at 26, 27, and 28 weeks, as well as 30 and 31 weeks.  I knew I had missed a couple, but dang.  Let's just all agree to blame Thanksgiving and Christmas on this little oversight.
25 Weeks (same picture from last belly picture post)
29 Weeks
32 Weeks
33 Weeks
34 Weeks
I feel like there are a few things I need to point out about these pictures, some of which I may have mentioned before:

1. I am almost always wearing my pajamas, because we take these pictures on Thursday nights after the kids are in bed.  I don't know about you, but I literally cannot wait to put on my pajamas once the kids are down -- it's entirely too much effort to trek downstairs to take a picture, then back upstairs to change before settling in for an episode of "The Good Wife."

2. I only have about 3 pair of pajamas that fit me right now.

3. There is no good place to take belly pictures in our house -- especially since it's always dark when they're taken (we get tons of lovely, natural light in our home throughout the day, but at night it's like a dungeon).

4.  We usually clear away the jackets, backpacks, and shoes before taking the picture each week, but this past Thursday I told Chet just to leave all of it.  Because it's evidence of real life, and proof that we're dealing with a whole bunch of snow around here (those are snow boots drying on a piece of cardboard and an old beach towel to help sop up all of the extra water in the bottom righthand part of the picture).

Let me say, in case I haven't said it before, that I love our little northern Virginia house.  It's small, but it has fit us well, and it's surprisingly functional in a lot of ways (I can also think of some un-functional things, like almost no kitchen counter space and no bathroom on the main level).  However...we are quickly outgrowing it.  It's a good thing we're moving not long after Baby arrives, because we're thisclose to this little house not working for us at all anymore.  (I realize this is a "first world problem.")  I'm not exactly sure what this has to do with belly pictures; maybe I'm reminded of it because of the "belongings bomb" pictured above that seems to constantly exist in our non-entryway (seriously, we have NO entryway -- you walk into our front door and practically trip over our couch).  Or maybe because I've spent the entire weekend thinking up creative ways to fit Baby into our bedroom, without making it a complete tripping/fire hazard.  Either way, Chet and I are looking forward to having a bit more living space in Texas.  We also plan on acquiring a bigger dining room table and a king-sized bed once there -- it's high time for both.

I hope you've had a lovely weekend so far!  Church is cancelled for us this morning (I think the main reason is because it would have been impossible to clear the parking lots of snow in time), but it stopped snowing last night, so hopefully the plows will have a chance to swing through our neighborhood before work/school tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Looking so cute! She will be here before we know it! Can't wait!
Love y'all!
Aunt Shannon

Anonymous said...

Quite a change in the belly pics! Thanks for posting. Any snow pics?

Ashley Wyckoff said...

Thank you, Aunt Shannon!