Monday, February 22, 2016

38-ish Weeks

I totally dropped the ball and didn't take a 37-week picture...or a 38-week picture (sorry, Baby).  But we DID take some quick maternity pictures this past Saturday, when I was 38 weeks, 2 days along, so I'll share one of those with you!
It's a little blurry because I just did a screen shot of the video the photographer put together as a sneak peek, but so as not to take credit for her incredible work, you can visit Erin's photography website at

I've never taken maternity pictures before, and wasn't planning to this time either, but we've hired Erin to take newborn/family shots (newborn pictures are also something I've never done!), and she generously does a mini maternity session for you too!  Thank you, Erin!

We took the photos at George Washington's Gristmill, and it was the perfect (and historical!) backdrop.

Before Erin showed up we had the kids jumping around outside to warm them up (it wasn't too cold, but it was chilly without jackets):
(In case you can't tell, Sydney lost her other front top tooth -- she's nearly toothless.)


That's all for now -- Ford is hollering at me from his crib.  I really need to post about Ford's birth story, a mere two years ago, before this baby comes along.  I'm almost done writing the post, so hopefully I'll knock it out in the next day or so!

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

We are all on "baby watch" and can't wait for her to arrive!

Ashley Wyckoff said...

Thank you -- we can't wait either! I'll do my best to keep you posted!