Monday, December 20, 2010


For those of you who aren't keeping track as closely as I am...Chet comes home tomorrow! I played hooky from work today to clean the house from top to bottom (and get a pedicure) while Sydney was at daycare. It worked out quite nicely, and I love having a clean house on top of the excitement of Chet coming home. Sydney and I will pick him up at the airport tomorrow evening, and I'm still trying to work out which camera to bring (cumbersome Nikon that takes amazing pictures even when the subjects are moving or handy point-and-shoot that always gives us red eyes?). Also, do I ask someone sitting in the airport to take pictures to capture the full effect of the reunion, or should I worry that they'll walk away with our camera? Hmm...

In other news, Sydney is pulling up to a standing position quite efficiently! Last Thursday I went out overnight with one of the ships, and when I picked her up Friday evening, her daycare provider reported that Sydney is constantly pulling up. I didn't know what she meant by that, because Sydney hadn't seemed TOO interested in pulling up when I left, but in 24 hours she mastered the skill! I figured she'd give us plenty of warning like she did with crawling, but now there's no telling what she'll do next!


CranfordFamily said...

You should take a friend with you to pick him up, take the big camera and get some great reunion shots!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited he is coming home - for two reasons: #1 You won't be lonely anymore and you'll have your family back together & #2 He will be returning home safe!

Give him a big hug from me!

CranfordFamily said...

Oh, and Syd is just too cute! She's getting so big and watch out....she'll start walking between small items to hold on too and then its down hill from there! She'll be running in no time!