Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Birthday Morning Pictures (super late!)

Here are a couple of pictures of Sydney the morning of her birthday. This was after Chet and I went into her room and woke her up for the day, softly singing "Happy Birthday". She simply laid in her crib and stared up at us suspiciously as we sang over her; looking back, I don't blame her for being a little creeped out.

Waiting for me to come downstairs to start snapping the "birthday pictures".

"Not the bow again!"

I took Sydney to the doctor for her 12-month checkup on her actual birthday. She weighed (and still pretty much does) 19.4 lbs, but I can't tell you how "tall" she is. The height measurement that day was totally inaccurate (Sydney was squirming like crazy), but the doctor estimated she is in the 50th percentile for height. Sydney still isn't walking on her own, but her latest thing is to grab our fingers and take off practically running. She does this with her daycare provider too, and prefers this method of travel over crawling and being carried. Mentally, she's ready to walk, but I think she needs a little more practice with balance before she walks alone (although she can stand for long periods by herself without holding onto anything). She's a great talker though! She says "mama", "dada", "baby" ("be-bee"), "thank you" ("t-t"...that's it, just a double "t" sound), "hi", "bye bye", "BOO!", and "Sydney" ("Nee nee"). She is also doing well pointing out (and sometimes repeating) "nose", "eye", "ear", and "mouth" (although sometimes she gets her eyes and ears mixed up...ha!). She also does great at following orders we give us, such as "give me that", or "go get your baby", etc. It's amazing how early they understand things, even if it's awhile down the road before they may be able to voice them.


The Woodrome's said...

Ashley, you are SO good at updating your blog regularly (even if you think it's late!) and I love reading all your posts! Sydney is such a doll and I know her 1st birthday was so special! I totally missed you at Christmas, so next time y'all are in town we're definitely getting together. :)

CranfordFamily said...

She is getting so big! Cori wore this same shirt on her 2nd birthday! All these little words she's saying and pointing out body parts will soon turn into full 10-12 word sentences and you'll be amazed!! I can't wait to see videos of her talking up a storm!