Sunday, March 13, 2011

Seabee Ball

Last night, Chet and I attended the annual Seabee Ball (Sydney's daycare provider kept her). We had fun, but didn't stay too late. The music/dancing doesn't start until after dinner, the guest speaker, etc., and we were ready to leave by then, but I have to mention the band that was "hired". They are a group that is a subset of the Navy Band (that's why I said "hired"...since this is their job in the Navy, I'm not sure they get paid for gigs like this), and they were AMAZING! Seriously. There was a drummer, a saxophone player, an electric guitar player, a piano/keyboard player, and most of them also sang. They played cover songs, and their songs sounded exactly like the real ones (but kind of better, because it was live and you could tell they really loved what they did). They played everything from the BeeGees to the Zac Brown Band. It was so funny seeing them jamming out in their uniforms too. Anyway, I digress. Here are a couple of pictures (taken with my five-year old point-and-shoot digital camera...which disappoints me more and more each time I use it; I wish we could have had someone take a picture with our nice camera).


Anonymous said...

Wish I could have heard that band! Y'all look elegant. -PJ

CranfordFamily said...

I love you in red!! You & Chet are both so, I mean you are beautiful & Chet is handsome! (I know some guys don't like being called pretty...)