Monday, August 5, 2013

Snazzy Sydney

Sydney has been wearing some awfully snazzy outfits lately, mostly courtesy of Didi.  Lorelei hasn't received any new clothes, THANK GOODNESS, because she has enough clothes to outfit all the children in China.

Sydney loves dresses.  She likes skirts too, but she definitely prefers dresses.  I have to force her to wear her other outfits.  However, she would wear pants and long sleeves and a winter coat and gloves and a beanie if I let her.  The child is obsessed with cold-weather clothing, and since one of my duties as her mother is to make sure she doesn't suffer from heat exhaustion, I have to forbid her from wearing such articles of clothing outside this time of year.  But she would if I let her.

She's also willing to pose for pictures these days!  Hallelujah!

She got these shoes for her birthday, but they just now fit her.  She and Lorelei both love to wear them (Lorelei loves wearing Sydney's shoes; she has to wear this particular pair with socks to keep from stepping out of them):

Oh, yeah, she is also obsessed with headbands now.  I used to wish she would wear headbands, but now I realize that they're always falling off her head and her hair looks a fright when she wears them.  Go back to the bows, Syd!

For some reason she calls this one her Hello Kitty dress.  I think because she has a pair of Hello Kitty pajamas that are also pink and gray.  Ignore the creepy face she is making:

She wore this dress to church yesterday:
I asked my dad if his mother (my grandmother) used to wear dresses like this in the late sixties/early seventies.  He said yes, but they were shorter and she wore them with tall white boots.  I love when clothes come back in style 40 years later.  I'm just itching to wear spandex shorts and scrunch socks again.

And since my dad is in town, we had the rare occasion to take a picture with me in it:
Lorelei refused to cooperate, and Sydney is in her "dog" pose.  For about a week now, she prefers to walk around on all fours, barking.  Thankfully she quit licking me after our stern talk.  I think my dad made it worse when he gave a name to her dog persona: Queenie.  I can't really blame her behavior though -- I think she inherited it from me.  Allegedly I used to pretend like I was a horse, rearing back on my hind legs and neighing loudly.  In public.  Sydney has yet to act like Queenie in public, thank goodness.  And I will say that she is better behaved when she acts like a dog (less fighting with Lorelei over toys).  Hmm...

Happy Monday!


Casey said...

This post made my heart happy! I'm still smiling and laughing!! I kinda hope you have a boy and I have a girl....I'd love to purchase all those hand me downs from your girls!! I know you are so organized it would be awesome (unless you have other plan for them already, or have another girl) LOL at Queenie!! That is hilarious!! I'm gonna look at my calendar and plan a trip for September to come see y'all. I'll get with you soon to make arrangements!

Chet and Ashley said...

You can have ALL of the clothes if I have a boy and you have a girl! I'd love for you to come visit -- we'll have fun with the kiddos (and hopefully it will be just a little cooler in September)!