Friday, November 15, 2013

21 graces

I think it is high time for another Sydney edition of the "21 graces" series.  My poor, sweet daughter has been testing the limits lately; probably because I haven't blogged about her in a while.

1. Showing me a stuffed cat and dog: "This is my cat Liley and my dog Crinkle."  Two minutes later: "What are my cat's and dog's name again?"
2. "When I am 16, I can have coffee also." (Does that mean she thinks I'm 16?!)
3. "Are we on Pass Road?"  (Pass Road is one of the roads that leads to the Navy gate.  I'm not sure I've ever talked to her about that particular road, but she really likes it.)
4. Me, as I'm fixing her hair in the mirror: "Sydney, what color is your hair?"
Syd: "A little bit white and a little bit brown." 
5. Sometimes when she's in an agreeable mood she shouts, "Yes, ma'am!" as if she's in boot camp.  Sometimes I request she say, "Aye aye!", but not very often.
6. Sydney describing when to use and demonstrating the "stop, drop, and roll" method.  Thank you, Preschool.
7. When asked where we are moving: "Washington D.C.!"
8. While talking to Chet on the phone: "Daddy, you have to wear clothes when we move -- not work clothes, regular clothes."  (I think she meant she didn't think he should wear his uniform.)
9. While listening to Fox News in the car: *GASP* "Mommy, they said Washington D.C.!"
10. "Lorelei's grandma is Didi and my grandma is Grammy."  (This was not long after Syd and I flew to Baltimore for a wedding; Lorelei stayed with Didi in TX.)
11. Me: "Sydney, what did you do at school today?"
Syd, after a tired pause: "Stickers.  Gummy Bears.  Trees.  Snowflakes."  (Um, o-kay...)
12. Just as she was laying down for bed: "My flower pillow smells like a sheep."
13. I spilled some milk on the floor and she said, "Don't worry, Mommy, we can clean it up.  I'll get a napkin."
14. "Baby hug!" as she hugs my belly.  (I didn't invent this, she did.)
15. "That baby is so cute!" about pretty much any baby she sees.
16. "That would be so cute for my baby brother!" about pretty much any baby item she sees.
17. Unprompted, and for who knows what (the possibilities are endless): "I'm sorry, Lor." *Hugs her sister.*
18. "Watch me twirl, because I'm good at that now!"
19. "Did you see me bow?  I'm like a ballerina!"
20. "Oooooh!  Look at that!" about absolutely everything she laid eyes on at Hobby Lobby.
21. "Thank you for taking me to the CDC!"  (No, thank you, Sydney.)
She removed all of the black olives from the bowl and put them on her plate.  Thank goodness she didn't eat them all.

Acting like our neighbor's dog.

Proving she is in style at Victoria's Secret.

Plopped down like a vagabond in front of the library.


Anonymous said...

hahaha--the CDC!! Funniest comment...

The Woodrome's said...

Goodness gracious, this is so precious!!