Saturday, November 2, 2013

26-29 Weeks

Today I am 30 weeks along in this pregnancy, but I've neglected to post the last four weeks of belly pictures (my neighbor Colleen always takes my picture on Sunday, so tomorrow she will take my 30-week picture).  Here they are:
26 Weeks

27 Weeks

28 Weeks

29 Weeks
I look ginormous in that 28-week picture, but I blame the shirt.  Even though the truth is I can barely bend over anymore.

I really have nothing to report on the pregnancy front.  I had my 28-week appointment two weeks ago, and everything was fine (no gestational diabetes -- hooray!).  I still plan on posting about the day we had the gender-reveal ultrasound, and about Baby Boy's name, but I'll save those posts for another day when I'm sure I won't have any more brain power than I do right this moment (ah, procrastination).

In other news, I had a glimpse of my possible future the other morning.  It was Friday, October 25th, when Sydney was supposed to dress western for her fall carnival at school.  She doesn't have many western outfits; in fact, only one shirt.  This shirt:

It's a t-shirt with Willie Nelson's face on it, and says, "Have a Willie Nice Day."  I mean, how cute is that?!  But Sydney can't stand t-shirts.  I usually choose her school clothes the night before, and I knew I should have mentally prepared her for the t-shirt, but I decided to wing it (wrong choice).  I wanted her to wear the t-shirt, jeans, a belt, different boots than these, and a red bow, but I knew I would need to do a lot of compromising in order to get her into the t-shirt.  The compromises were the skirt, pink tights, and Uggs (she didn't care about the bow, but once she chose the pink tights I decided against the red bow).  But before we reached this compromise there were lots of tears on Sydney's part, and near-tears on my part, and this ridiculous argument with a 3-year old over fashion preferences was the glimpse of my possible future.  I hope not though.

Here's the only other picture I got at Sydney's fall carnival (I dropped Lorelei off with the babysitter and accompanied Sydney to school so that I could volunteer at the event):
This is Sydney's tired, cranky, hungry class, right after all of the festivities ended and right before lunch.

I hope everyone's having a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I seem to recall another little girl from the past who was very particular about how she dressed for school each day....hmmmmmm. -PJ

Chet and Ashley said...

No way!!!