Monday, March 31, 2014

Good Sunday and Monday

Happy Monday, folks!

(I love using this blog to be as corny as possible, FYI.)

We had a great Sunday.  The morning was a little stressful, because the girls were acting like raving lunatics for some reason, but we made to it church, which was our only official goal for the weekend.  This is the first Sunday since we've moved here that we've been to church, and we decided to try the Methodist church a couple of blocks away.

Anyway, we got out the door by 10:40 a.m., arrived at church at 10:43 a.m., and sprinted through the wet, cold rain and through the front doors.  Everyone was very welcoming.  Lorelei and Ford stayed in the nursery, and Sydney started big church with us, then accompanied the rest of the children to another room once the "children's church" portion of the service was over.  I liked going to a very traditional service, with a choir, pipe organs, and actually singing from a hymnal.  It was a nice change.

After church we came home, fed the lunatics girls, put them down for naps, and Chet and I looked at each other and, without speaking, agreed that it was not going to be a day to Get Things Done.  So we plopped down on the couch, and Ford joined us in watching two episodes of "The Office."  I also may have eaten some chocolate icing directly from the tub.

After that it was time for the girls to get up, and then next door to have cupcakes for the oldest daughter's (they have three) birthday.  It was not an official birthday party, just a gathering of neighbors and a chance for the kids to play and for the adults to talk.  We were the last to leave, and our loitering paid off, because we ended up staying for dinner (steaks).  We left at 8:00 p.m., and Chet and I agreed that it was a super enjoyable day.  It was nice to not do anything around the house, and if you know me, I almost never admit that.

Fun fact: while we were having cupcakes, the rain turned to freezing rain which turned to snow.  There were huge flakes falling from the sky at an alarming rate for nearly two hours.  Thankfully none of it stuck, and today it was 60 degrees and sunny.

Let's see, what to say about Monday?  Last night I declared to Chet that this week would be "TV Detox Week" (for the girls, not us, ha!) in our home.  I feel like they've been glued to the TV during this whole moving process, and I felt the need to change that this week.  This morning, when they woke up, I announced the TV was broken.  Sydney asked how that happened, and when I didn't have a good answer, she asked if it ran out of batteries.  Yes, Syd, that's exactly what happened.  She told me to call "the guy" (the cable guy) to come and fix the batteries, and I agreed, but that it wouldn't happen soon.  She brightened up when she remembered we had an iPad, and I lied that the iPad was also broken.  They fussed for a minute, then got over it.  We actually had a pleasant day, and they *gasp* ended up using their imaginations!

Confession time: The girls are watching "Frozen" as I type this.  We walked about a mile (round trip) this afternoon to a nearby park, and then the girls played outside with the neighborhood kids for at least another hour.  One of the kids handed out popsicles from her freezer to the rest of the children while the parents gritted their teeth over the fact that they never even had a chance to win that particular pre-dinner battle.  Anyway, I could foresee the type of evening we would have while waiting for Chet to get home, post-popsicle and pre-dinner, and knew "Frozen" was the key to sanity.  I feel nary an ounce of guilt over the fact that I failed at total TV detox.  (Nary is my favorite word.)



Anonymous said...

The best thing about a "tub" of chocolate icing is that you can't eat it all at once, which means there's more to enjoy the next day, and the next, etc.......

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