Friday, March 28, 2014

Special Delivery!

This morning I watched a 4'10" woman haul these boxes from her UPS truck to my front door (have I mentioned there are about 10 steps leading up to our front door?). 

Oh, well--Happy Amazon Day! (And that's not even all of it--yikes.)

I'm pretty sure Chet could comfortably take a nap in that box Syd is sitting on. It's huge.

I've mentioned before that Lorelei is a bit of a hoarder. She loves little things that she can put in different bags and containers, and I often find myself at the end of the day on my belly on the living room floor searching for said little things under the couch. 

Grammy gave her a fruit pie toy for Christmas, with 60 pieces of tiny fruit. About a month before we moved, five of the twelve oranges went missing. (It's a good sign when several things go missing at once--it's a sure bet they're all in the same place). I looked EVERYWHERE, pretty much every day, for those oranges. I was sure they'd turn up when the movers came and emptied out the house, but no.

Well. Today Syd was rummaging around in the basement, and opened this tea pot. I had put the tea pot away (I like to rotate the kids' toys about once a month) right around the time the oranges went missing. Voila! My life is complete again!

My sidekick:

Happy Friday!

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Casey said...

You show your OCD in this post!! I would have never known that there were 12 oranges, must less notice 5 were missing!