Thursday, August 21, 2014

More Quotes

I promise I'll post about our Texas trip soon.  Just know that it was glorious, and that I'm having to work hard to enjoy the rest of the summer.  I'm ready for school to start, and for fall, and for everything pumpkin.

In the meantime, here are some more quotes from the kids:

I was reading a book and one of the pages kept "flying" up.  Lorelei said, "I'll hold the page with my nail polish, Mommy."  (I thought she was going to say "foot" or "toes.")

Me: What did you do at camp today?
Lor: I didn't paint.
Me: Why not?
Lor: I didn't want to wear a smock.
Me: You didn't?
Lor: No.  But my friend painted.
Me: What did she paint?
Lor: Blue.

Lorelei (shouting), as we were walking out of the grocery store, "THANKS FOR THE FOOD!"

I asked Sydney to "babysit" Ford downstairs while I took Lorelei upstairs to put her down for a nap.  This meant Syd was to sit next to Ford while he laid on his play mat on the living room floor, and possibly entertain him.  She did a great job, because he didn't cry for a second while I was putting Lorelei down.
Me: Thanks for babysitting, Syd.  You did a great job!
Syd: You're welcome.  I let him chew on my flip flops.
Me: ...
(Rest assured we had a "training moment" after that.)

2) During our recent return trip on the airplane, I was chatting with the woman next to me (she was in the aisle seat, I was in the middle, Syd had the window seat).
Sydney (whispering to me): Tell the lady that I was with Jesus when you were still a little girl.
Me: ...

Sydney: Didi said that when I turn 60, I can have wine.
Me: ...

Obviously, Sydney renders me speechless.

Even Bubby is getting a "quote" this post!  But first, two bits of background information:

1) Sydney is ALWAYS asking to hold Bubby.
2) Sydney ALWAYS has about 30 bandaids stuck to her body.

Like so:

Sydney had just woken up from her nap, and requested juice.  She was sitting in our big arm chair, and I asked her to hold Ford while I got her juice.  While I was puttering around in the kitchen, Sydney started to cry.  I rushed in, and she was crying some serious tears, but Bubby was perfectly fine.
Me: What's wrong?!
Syd: B-B-Bubby ripped off my bandaid!
Me (stifling a laugh): ...
Bubby (beginning to gnaw on the bandaid in his hand): ...
Me (still stifling a laugh): Aww, Syd, he didn't mean to...
Syd (20 minutes later): I don't want to hold Bubby anymore!

Happy Thursday!

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