Friday, December 19, 2014


Where on earth have I been?!

I've been an absent blogger, but not because this Christmas season has been crazy busy or anything. It HAS been busy, but I have tried my darnedest to keep the busy-ness at bay, and it seems to be working. 

This year we decided to to an Advent activity each day. VERY simple things, like taking a walk around the block to look at Christmas lights, and attending the girls' Christmas pageant at school (I'm really good at riding the coattails of already-scheduled Christmas activities). Before you assume I am really clever and on the ball, sometimes we go two or three days without doing an activity, and then our "daily" Advent activity goes something like, "Remember, two days ago when we opened the box that Didi sent and placed presents under the tree--wasn't that fun?!" We will have to be better planners as the kids get older, once they can read and aren't as easily distracted by shiny objects. The blissful "the kids won't know the difference" time period is quickly coming to a close. Sigh. 

I'm actually sitting on the posh sofa in my gym's locker room as I type this, so I'm going to wrap up. I just needed to post something (ANYTHING!). Here are a couple of pictures of our earliest Advent activities.

And, yes, our Christmas tree is a 4-footer sitting on a princess table (now covered by a tree skirt--whew!). The perfect solution to a tiny house and crawling baby. ;-)

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