Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Tide Over

My big plan is to wake up tomorrow and blog, but here's a quick post with some pictures until then (and to make me feel better if my big plan falls through).

Didi sent some clothes to the kids, and the girls instantly tried on the new dresses (Bubby photobomb bottom right):

Chet often puts his own beanie on Ford's head (when Ford's hat is not easily accessible) before we walk outside into the cold air. It never gets old; we laugh our heads off every time:

The girls talked us into letting them tie-dye one of Chet's white t-shirts. (My big plan is to tie-dye some white tights for them, but I have yet to learn how via YouTube.) It was a messy, and not terribly fun project, and I think it was a little above the girls' ability level and above mine and Chet's patience threshold. But I snapped a picture, making us look like a fun, patient, craft-loving family:

Bubby was interested in the clean laundry that was for some reason sitting in the kitchen. Chet had mistakenly dressed him in Lorelei's size 3T Mickey Mouse pajamas (they fit, albeit a little long):

Hope everyone has had a great week so far! Snow for us here overnight!

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