Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Long-Overdue Update and a Mary Kay Flash Sale!

I've no idea where on earth we've been/why I haven't blogged.

First, I'm going to share something that cracks me up.  About 6 weeks ago Bubby dropped the iPad on his toe (that's not what cracks me up), and it turned his big toenail black and blue.  Toddler feet crack me up anyway, but a toddler foot with a black toenail?  It's even funnier (slash gross).  These Croc sandals also make me laugh, and display his black toenail nicely:

He somehow got a hold of my phone and figured out how to take a picture (third-borns are much more resourceful than first- and second-borns, at least in our family).  So of course (much to my delight) he took a picture of his feet:

Okay, on to less random things (sort of).

We've had some interesting events happen in the last couple of weeks.  Here's one:

During a wee-hours-of-the-morning storm a couple of weeks ago, high winds caused over 70 trees to fall around Alexandria.  Ours was one.  It fell onto our neighbor's house instead of our own (yay?), and another neighbor happened to be borrowing Chet's truck at the time...which means it was saved from being smashed by the tree (and it surely would have been smashed by the tree had the truck been parked in its usual spot).  Thank you, Lord.

Here's the other interesting event:

The kids and I were rear ended on our way to the gym the other day by a tourist from Ohio who was following her daughter in the car in front of her.  The daughter failed to yield (like most people in this area...deeeeeeep breaths) to us, the mother almost failed to yield, but then the mother hit us at the traffic light that was just a few hundred yards from the yield sign.  Everyone was fine, but the van will definitely need a new bumper.  The woman's car had hardly any damage (probably because it was American-made).  Chet had to zip tie the bumper to the car so I can still drive it until our appointment at the collision center.  We're nothing but classy around here, people.

This week (Monday through Friday) is Vacation Bible School at our church.  I'm a volunteer this year (I have the 2-year old class, which consists only of children of other volunteers since the minimum VBS age is 4-years old), so the kids and I all go, which is a nice change in pace (the summer is starting to get to us).  Our church's VBS program is HUGE -- it's free, and we offer over 400 spots to children in the community, ages 4 through 6th grade.  It's fun, and an amazing outreach program to the children and their families that aren't members of the church already.

My mom is flying into town as I type this, which is super exciting!  She will fly to TX with the kids and me this Saturday; we can't wait!

A random tidbit that I might not should share, but I'm going to share anyway.  Chet and I hired a woman to clean our house (something we've never invested in before), and she came today for the first time.  She arrived while the kids at I were at VBS, and finished shortly after the kids and I got home.  This woman is my new best friend (sorry, current besties).  I've never wanted to hug anyone so many times or give anyone so much money in my entire life.  We'll probably only have her come once a month, just to ensure the deep cleaning gets done (I avoid dusting like the plague, I don't think I've cleaned a shower since I was forced to for room inspections at the Academy, and I'm not known to pull out a mop on a daily basis).  Chet and I thought long and hard about hiring someone, but we decided that if I really want to give my Mary Kay business a fair chance, this is a wise investment.

Speaking of Mary Kay...if you've made it this far in the post...

40% off any one item (or set) until 11:59 p.m. Wednesday (the Mary Kay Monday rule is out the window this week)!

Go ahead and peruse my site (www.marykay.com/ashleywyckoff), choose your item/set, and let me know what you want!  You can either send me a text or e-mail (ashleywyckoff@marykay.com), you can comment on this blog, or you can place an order directly on my site!  (The 40% discount will not be visible on the site, but worry not!  If you register as a customer on my website, I personally calculate your total and determine your total, even if you enter credit card information.)  ***IMPORTANT: Please do not check out as a GUEST on my website if you want the discount!  If you check out as a guest, you will only receive the usual 5% discount that I offer, NOT the 1-day 40% discount, because I don't have any control over guest checkout orders.***

The only rule is that you must order/at least tell me what you want by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday.  We're pretty informal around here!

Happy shopping, and happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Poor toe! Poor van! Poor tree! Just thankful everyone is safe!

Anonymous said...

So glad everyone is ok from the tree and fender bender. Did the fender bender scare the kids? Have a good trip to TX!
Aunt Shannon