Monday, August 3, 2015

A Cliff's Notes Update and Thoughts on Summer

Well, hello there!

On Saturday we returned home to northern VA after our lovely 2-week trip to Texas.  I'm still not sure that it's hit me that we're home yet, except that I've been forced to wash dishes and do laundry, things I've not done/forgotten how to do the past two weeks (thank you, grandparents!).

I'll try to sum this up as quickly as possible, and may have to promise you pictures in another post since iPhoto is acting squirrelly.

My mom flew into town July 14th, the Tuesday before we left town.  That week (July 13-17th) was also Vacation Bible School at our church, which ended up being quite demanding, time- and energy-wise.  Didi flew in and kept the house running while the kids and I went to VBS each morning, and while I ran errands nearly every afternoon.  Seriously, there would have been nary a clean clothing item or dish in our home had Didi not been there.

One of those evenings Chet and I were able to sneak away for a quick Mexican food dinner and a movie ("Jurassic World") for an early anniversary celebration.  Speaking of "Jurassic World," I remember very clearly when "Jurassic Park" came out.  I was even old enough to see it (at least, by early '90's standards).  So it makes me feel super old when I say, "I remember when 'Jurassic Park' came out...22 YEARS AGO."  Sheesh.

Anyway, Chet wasn't able to get time off work in the middle of July, so Didi, the kids, and I flew to San Antonio (via Houston) on Saturday, July 18th.  Again, thank goodness for Didi, because I'm not sure I could have wrestled everyone (i.e. my kids) on the plane alone.  Maybe if my life depended on it, but only then.

The kids started swimming pretty much the moment we arrived at Didi and Papa Dave's house, and didn't stop for 14 days (not really kidding about that).  On Tuesday, July 21st, I left the kids with the grandparents and flew to Dallas for the annual Mary Kay seminar.  I was there until Saturday, July 25th, and am so thankful I was able to go and that the childcare situation was so ideal (thank you, swimming p-- er, thank you, Didi and Papa Dave!).

The kids and I were ecstatic to see each other when I got back from Dallas, and we were all even more ecstatic to see Chet when he was finally able to fly in on Wednesday, July 29th.  He and I were able to have another dinner/movie date (Cooper's BBQ and "Southpaw"), and then, sadly, we all had to fly home this past Saturday.

Obviously I skipped tons of details, and pictures will help me fill in those details, which I promise to post this week.

So here are my thoughts on summer:

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that summer is NOT my favorite season.  Perhaps I'll enjoy it more when our children are older and summer provides relief from homework and such (also, wrestling toddlers in and out of carseats in 100-degree weather = NOT FUN), but until then, I'll just grin and endure it.

Anyway, Vacation Bible School and our trip to Texas came at the perfect time, because my summer patience was wearing thin, and we all just needed a change of scenery.  I'm a little apprehensive that there are still 5 WEEKS OF SUMMER VACATION LEFT in northern VA (Labor Day, what's your deal with being so late this year?!), but I'm sure we'll survive.  I just can't help but love a forced school-year schedule and all things fall (and fall actually arrives on time in these parts!).

In an effort to trick myself into believing summer will not last forever, I pulled out my Scentsy burner (I haven't used it since moving to VA!) and plopped in some "Cinnamon Vanilla" bars.  Chet said, "The house smells like fall."  It does, doesn't it?  (Muahahaha!)

What about you?  Do you love summer?  Feel free to tell me I'm a summer Grinch, and then provide this Grinch with tips to thrive these next 5 weeks!

Happy Monday!

Oh, and here's one measly picture to tide you over:


Anonymous said...

What a sweet pic of the kids! They are really growing up fast!
Oh, I'm a summer LOVER!!! I'm crying b/c it is almost over!!

Glad you all had a nice trip to TX!
aunt Shannon

Ashley Wyckoff said...

I know you love summer, Aunt Shannon! I would gladly join you on one of your summer trips to the mountains!