Thursday, June 2, 2016

March through Now

No biggie, just a post catching you up on what's been going on the past couple of months.

Actually, let's back up to January, when we celebrated 4 of our birthdays (Ford, Chet, Sydney, me, in that order).

In February we found out Chet was accepted into the University of Texas' Civil Engineering graduate program. We quickly celebrated, and then commenced move preparations.

March 1st: Chet was promoted to LCDR (Lieutenant Commander)!

March 6th: We welcomed Ruth Emily into the world (3 days late, ahem)!

April 6th: Ruthie turned one-month old.

We said goodbye to as many friends as possible during the month of April:

But there's never enough time to properly say goodbye to everyone.

April 25th: Sydney's and Lorelei's last day of school. As soon as Sydney finished her school day (she even went on a field trip that morning, ha!), the kids and I (with the help of Papa John!) flew from northern VA to Texas. We moved ahead of Chet, who didn't finish work until May 13th, because we wanted to get settled into our new house and Sydney enrolled in school as soon as possible. (We NEVER would have done it like this had we not had the help of our parents!)

(Before I move on, let me share some scary, real life pictures of the packing up part of the move. For the first time in our military lives we camped out in an empty house.)

That right there is real life, people.

May 2nd: The movers dropped off our belongings, and Papa John, Ruthie, and I commenced unpacking. (Didi and Papa Dave kept the oldest three at her house, 60 miles away.)

(The kids had way more fun than Papa John and me, going to movies, taking bubble baths, and drinking wine (water)).

May 5th: Sydney joined us in Austin and started school (we didn't want her record to say "Kindergarten Dropout").

May 6th: Ruthie turned 2-months old. Here is her official picture:
I'm working on forgiving myself for totally skipping her 2-month picture. My excuses: moving and 4th child.

May 13th: Chet's last day of work at the Pentagon. He and his dad started driving our two vehicles to Texas the next day.

May 15th: Lorelei and Ford finally joined us in Austin (it took us that long to get the house in enough order for them to be allowed underfoot!). 

May 17th: Chet (and Papa Greg!) arrived in Austin!

Since then we've worked our tails off to get the house in order, even though we'll only be here 12 months. We're 95% there, and I've determined that it takes us a good month to unpack and get settled (we're not one of those awesome families that can do it in a week).

Here are a few random house pictures:
That table has been replaced by this table:

The "office" (with some clutter that still needs putting away/burning):

Our updated master bed (my great-grandmother made the quilt):

And some pictures that I'm finding more often lately, thanks to tiny photographers:

On with the timeline.

June 2nd: Sydney's last day of Kindergarten, and Chet's 1st day of grad school.

We told the kids we could get a fish when summer started, since I've convinced them I'm allergic to all animals with fur (not entirely true).
She's a Betta, her name is Dory, and she was the least beautiful fish on the shelf, but apparently the girls had already bonded with her.

I'm currently sitting with Ruthie, typing this from my phone (which is painstaking), and watching Chet push Ford on the swing. (I was lamely pushing him earlier, and he told me, "That's enough, Mommy." Well, fine then. :-))

Happy Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

Loved the update!! Glad the move went well, and you are mostly settled. How do you like the house/area you are in? Ruthie is getting so big and just adorable. Hey, I want to go visit DiDi....what a nice place! LOL Loved that you got Chet on his first day of school...hehe! Take a pic of the outside of the house for your next blog. Loved all the pics. Miss you all. Hope you all have a wonderful summer! You must be so happy to be back in the same state as your parents! Love and kisses! Aunt Shannon