Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

July 4th isn't my favorite -- I love it's a celebration of our nation's independence, of course -- but I have a hard time really getting into a holiday where you're expected to spend the majority of the day outside when it's hotter than hades (unless there's a large body of water, then I can negotiate).

And I love grilling out as much as the next person -- please, please, PLEASE just don't make me eat all of that hot food outside.

Finally, I have lots of (really) young kids.  You simply cannot expect me to wait around until 9:30 p.m. for a fireworks show to start.  That's what time I go to sleep, people.

I know, I'm a July 4th Scrooge.

We visited Didi and Papa Dave Saturday and Sunday, where we swam and grilled out (and ate indoors).  So I feel like we've already done all of the celebrating we can do; another day off is just icing on the cake (and sure to make me confused the rest of the week as to which day it is).

Anyway, this is how we've been surviving the dog days of summer:
We're nothing if not classy.  That $25 blow up pool you can barely see in the background has saved us though.  The kids will play out there for hours.  All I have to do it give them a Popsicle every 75 minutes or so.

I was determined to get a good "holiday" picture of all the children.  We started out with this background, but the sun was a little too bright, making everyone appear a little more desolate than I wanted:

So we switched to a spot under a tree, and had much better results:

I thought this was cute of my girls (I cut Ford out of this picture, because Chet was wiping purple jellybean-colored saliva off of Ford's chin):

The boy:

Ruthie puts on her poker face whenever she sees the camera/phone, so you have to catch her smiling unawares:

Then we pushed our luck:

I'm not sure what Chet was doing behind me, but it was hilarious:

Ruthie calmed down once she was back in the air conditioning (a girl after my own heart):

This says it all:

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the kids. Everything red, white, and blue for the holiday. They will enjoy seeing these pictures many years down the road. Then they need to thank mom and dad for all the effort to take these pictures.