Thursday, August 18, 2016

Just a Quick Thursday Post

This is just a quick post to let you know I'm still here.  We've been busy around here, mostly because we've either had visitors or have been out of town ourselves (always to Didi's house, just an hour away).

My dad (Papa John)...

...visited a couple of weeks ago, and, as always, spoiled us by making sure we had plenty of good food to eat.  He usually cooks for us while he's in town, but we also enjoy a good restaurant or two during his visits.

Before you assume my children are perfectly behaved at restaurants, just know that behind these scenes Lorelei was playing a cake-baking game on Chet's phone and whining about dessert, Ford was under the table cleaning the floor with a baby wipe (why won't he do that at home?), Sydney was sneakily accepting shakes of salt and maraschino cherries from Papa John (grandparents!), and Ruthie wasn't making a peep...because Chet was letting her suck on a packet of sugar (fathers!).

Chet finished the summer semester last Saturday, and the kids and I tried to stay out of his hair as much as possible while he wrapped up his classes (which we did by literally getting out of town and taking full advantage of Didi's pool).

Today it's raining, just as it has been all week (rare for Austin!).  The kids and I are hunkered inside, slowly unpacking from Didi's house, trying to stay quiet while Ruthie naps, and probably watching too much TV.  Chet is at orientation, and tonight we meet Sydney's teacher (she starts school Monday).

Farewell, summer.  It's been a good one, because we've been close to my parents and able to swim to beat the heat.  But I'm still glad to see it go.  I can't wait to welcome all things pumpkin (there was a pumpkin candle burning in Kohl's the other day and my knees literally buckled when I caught a whiff), the structure of school (I can't help it, I love structure and routines and lists), and the Texas weather plummeting from 100 degrees to 85.

Happy almost Friday!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics! Ruthie seems to be such a happy baby! Wish I could see them all!!
Sending love!
Aunt Shannon

Grandmere said...

So enjoy the news and all the photos!

God bless you everyone,

Heather & Rory (James' parents)