Thursday, September 1, 2016

Happy September!

I love September 1st.  September means it's socially acceptable to start displaying all things fall, no matter that it's still 95 degrees outside.  

I'm turning over a new blogging leaf this September.  I'm going to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this month in hopes of jump starting a routine of blogging regularly rather than once a month (lame!).  Chet and I both like that this blog documents our lives, especially little things that are easy to forget as the years go by.  When I don't post for a while, it feels like our memories are slipping through the cracks (so melodramatic!).

Feel free to hold me to this promise.


It's 7:15 a.m.  Sydney and Chet have already left for school (Sydney rides the bus to school Tuesday and Thursday mornings because Chet has an early class Tuesdays and Thursdays; Chet drives Sydney to school Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays).  Ford and Ruthie are still sleeping, and Lorelei (our earliest riser) is currently watching a Curious George Christmas special.  The dishwasher is humming (hopefully not leaking, because that happens sometimes), and will most certainly be emptied and refilled before the day is over.  I should probably get dressed before the youngest two wake up, but I don't like to waste the precious morning minutes (my favorite time of day) doing something as banal as showering.  (I always regret that later though.)

Lorelei will attend Pre-K this year at a local church preschool (three mornings a week), but she doesn't start until September 7th, so it feels like we're still halfway in a summer routine.  We considered sending Ford to preschool this year (just twice a week), but ultimately decided against it.  He and Ruthie get along swimmingly, so I expect the three of us will have fun while the bigger girls are at school.

Ruthie finally has teeth, which you can see if you look really closely in this picture:

Lorelei is currently asking me if she can comb my hair.  This is her new thing.  She would seriously comb my hair for hours on end if I let her.  Generally I'm not opposed, but she also likes to spray about a gallon of leave-in conditioner in my hair while she's at it, giving me a quite greasy look.  I only let her do this when I'm about to wash my hair anyway, but now she asks me every day, several times a day.

Sydney started piano lessons last week; yesterday was her second lesson:
Maybe she'll stick with lessons longer than I did (and maybe I'll practice right along with her!).

I'm off to cook breakfast for Lorelei, and I think I hear Ruthie stirring too.  Sorry for the repeat pictures for those who follow me on Instagram.  Have a great Thursday, and I'll see you back here tomorrow!

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