Thursday, September 3, 2009

18 Weeks

Here's my 18 week picture! Perhaps it's just Chet and me, but we don't think I look quite as round this week as I did last week. Which is funny, because I looked round for three or four days last week...and I promise I didn't take last week's picture right after consuming a huge meal. Anyway, tell us what you think!
18 Weeks

Compared to 17 Weeks

Just 12 days until our big ultrasound!


Anonymous said...

more round week 17 for sure! Maybe that little girl (hopefully) is more towards the back? Anyway, you look great, can't wait to find out what the baby's sex is!! I have some tricks, I should email them to you!

Casey, sorry anonymous is the only way it will allow me to leave a comment.

Danielle said...

I agree...your belly doesn't seem as round! odd! I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound! So exciting!

Anonymous said...

that baby is MOVING! :) My vote is boy! ~Shelby

The Jackmans said...

You do look a little more round in week 17 but that could be water weight. they say you fluctuate about 5lbs from water. if you are a little dehydrated you will look a little smaller. I cant wait to here the sex of the baby!! It is the most exciting ultrasound!!

Anonymous said...

YAY lil' mama!! I agree that 17 looks a bit rounder than 18 but I love the little bump either way! Can't wait to hear if I'm getting a niece or nephew!!!! Love you guys!