Friday, September 11, 2009

19 Weeks

Hi, everyone! Here I am at 19 weeks. The black thing around my waist is a Bella Band, which allows me to continue to wear all of my regular clothes instead of investing in an entirely new wardrobe. Although I haven't grown tremendously, I am starting to look more pregnant to the rest of the world (which thrills Chet).

19 Weeks

19 Weeks with Clothes

Tuesday is our big ultrasound that will hopefully tell us the baby's sex! So far I have one blog follower who thinks it's a boy, and one who thinks it's a girl...tell us your guess before Tuesday! Also, we're about to head to the airport; we're visiting Annapolis this weekend! We'll post pictures and tell you all about it after we return Sunday. Have a great weekend!


Jen said...

LOVE the pictures! Keep up the good work! And my guess is its a GIRL!!! in case I don't have one! :o) I'm so super excited for you guys! And if its a boy, I'd love a nephew too!!! xoxo

Danielle said...

I think it's a girl! :)

And the Bella Band is AMAZING. I was able to wear my "fat" jeans along with my bella band throughout the whole pregnancy....saved a TON of money! I got the pretty ones with lace around the bottom so they looked like fancy tank tops under everything. You look great! You'll be an adorable 9 month pregnant lady! :) I'm SOO excited to see your next post!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to say Girl too! Please update us as soon as you find out! I can't wait!

Casey Cranford