Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ride 2 Recovery

Thursday, December 17th, Chet participated in the fourth annual Ride 2 Recovery, a bicycle ride designed to raise money for wounded veterans. There were about 325 riders total, but Chet and many others, including the CNO (Chief of Naval Operations) only participated in the last leg of the ride, which was 50-miles long ("only" I say!). In case you were wondering, Chet WAS sore the next day. Here is a link to an online article covering the event:

In addition to participating in the ride, Chet was also responsible for part of the planning, specifically coordinating the ride's on-base finish (imagine 325 bicyclists flying through the base's front gates past armed gate guards...not a normal day). To top it all off, Chet has also been working on a several-month-long project: planning, managing, and overseeing the construction of the base's first handicapped beach access ramp. The ride concluded with the CNO cutting the beautifully handcrafted red, white, and blue ribbon at a traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony, deeming the ramp "open". (By the way, Chet and I were the makers of the "beautifully handcrafted red, white, and blue ribbon".) Here is a picture of Chet in his Ride 2 Recovery outfit!

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Anonymous said...

LOVING the tight spedo pants!!!! He looks so official!!! 50 miles on a bike?!? Good Golly... I can't even immgaine!! GO CHET!