Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jacksonville Baby Shower

This entry is a little late, but I wanted to share the pictures from the great baby shower that Mom Wyckoff and Jenni (Chet's sister) hosted for me on December 5th. It was funny to have both Christmas and baby shower decorations up at the same time, but the weather ended up being nice and cool, giving the day a Christmas-y feel, and made Mom Wyckoff's tasty apple cider that much more enjoyable! Everything, from the decorations to the food to the company, was perfect, and I received great gifts that helped us complete our we-need-this-for-baby list.

Mom Wyckoff, Ashley, and Jenni

Decorations and Guess-the-Baby-Food Game

Food Table

Decorations and Food

Adorable and Extremely Tasty Cakes (thanks, Carolyn!)

Diaper Cake (Jenni made was so amazing!)


Guess-the-Baby-Food Game

Measure-the-Belly Game

Baby Gifts Under the Christmas Tree

Adorable Tutu Skirt (This was way too cute to hang in the closet, so it's displayed in the nursery...thanks, Sam!)

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Anonymous said...

Cute baby shower. Shelby is so happy you are using her picture frame for the baby shots. It really looks cute in your nursery and on the shower table. Looks like you are ready for the baby! God Bless you both and praying for a fast and easy as possible delivery.
Love and hugs to the baby,
Aunt Sheila