Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Comments and Pictures

I've decided to address some of the comments I've received on the blog posts (since I never comment back). First, I'm going to take a poll: who does Sydney look like? We've heard just like me, just like Chet, and just like both of us. You can also let me know if you can't tell yet (because Chet and I certainly can't tell).

  • I'm going to do my best to take the monthly pictures of Sydney in the same position (with the same-sized bow on her head) so that we can all tell how much she grows from month to month. However, I've heard once they start wiggling around it's IMPOSSIBLE to make them sit still for the picture, so hopefully, if all else fails, the bow can be our reference. :-)
  • Even though she's super-skinny, I promise we feed her! In fact, she eats like a horse (sometimes the amount she eats makes me cringe because I think she's going to spit up everywhere with such a full stomach, but she rarely does). Also, she was able to go back to the breast milk right away (after the 48-hour hiatus), even though the breast milk was causing her bilirubin levels to be elevated. The levels are probably still a little high, but it's okay since we know the reason.
  • For now we're referring to my mom as "Didi", really just because no other "grandma" term seemed to fit. Sydney may pick her own name for my mom when she can talk though (I decided to call my own grandma "P-ma" instead of "Grandma").
After Bath

Girl Power!


Counter Again

First Long Nap in Crib

Mommy and Sydney

Yesterday I had my 6-week post-partum appointment, and this is Sydney and I with the wonderful Nurse Practitioner who delivered her.


CranfordFamily said...

I just LOVE the close up picture of her in her bed! SOO Precious! I think she looks more like Chet....she'll change so much though! Nice to finally see a picture of you! You look great....a natural mommy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo,girl power! Power to the Pink! Love all the pix. This time I can't see either of you in her; let's just say she looks like herself today (in my opinion). I remember they seem to change daily. Love you, Mom (Grammy)

Danielle said...

Can you believe it's already been 6 weeks?! She's adorable, and you look great!