Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bilirubin Update and Papa John Visit

Wow, has it been a week already? Oops! Well, Miss Sydney's doctor appointment last Friday went GREAT! Her bilirubin level dropped from 14 on Wednesday to 10 on Friday! That means my breast milk had been keeping the bilirubin elevated, but she's perfectly fine (they ran some blood work, including a thyroid test, just to make sure though). I don't think she liked the formula very much, and went right back to breast milk without a hitch!

In other news, Sydney turned one month old on the 27th, and started smiling (for real, not just gas) that day! She usually smiles and socializes after waking up in the morning or after waking up from a long nap. She's so adorable! Chet hasn't been able to witness this yet since he went back work this past Monday, so the pictures I have of her smiling I've personally taken with her sitting in my lap (so the angle isn't very good on most of them).
Smiling After a Long Nap
We also decided to take monthly pictures of her in the same position to track her growth, but she wasn't very happy during the photo shoot, so we don't have any smiling pictures of her.
1-Month Old
Also, my dad (Sydney's Papa John) visited this past week! We had so much fun, and we discovered while he was here that Sydney loves laying on the counter (it's the perfect place for her to look around, kick, and be the center of attention!).
Counter Time (notice her attempt to roll over)
Sydney and Papa John (Sydney just had an explosive diaper and a bath)
"Talking" to Papa John
Cuteness (even though I forgot to activate the red-eye feature on the camera)
Sleepy Baby
We love baby feet!


CranfordFamily said...


Her smile is soo adorable...but sorry momma, I'm thinkin' she looks more like Chet now!!

Love the idea of the month pictures....they are easy now, but what until she doesn't want to sit still!

Love her on the counter! How funny!!!!

Awe, your dad! Papa John, like the pizza!! Funny!!

I love sleepy baby pictures!!!

Are you feeding this girl?? She's sooo tiny!! I think Cori was born bigger than Syd is now!

COME TO TEXAS NOW!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS! I would come and visit you but we are going through a rough patch right now and money is tight!! We now are paying 2 mortgages. We had a house that we rented and the renters moved out without telling us - Aholes! So until we get it sold or re rented we are trying to be conservative with our money so we don't get into any trouble!!

Danielle said...

aw, she's SO CUTE! And I'm glad they figured out the biliruben thing! Did they have to give her anything so that she could continue to drink breastmilk without having that problem again? Or how does just knowing what it was solve it?

Anonymous said...

love the pictures! Glad Papa John got to meet her and visit!! She is just so sweet!! hehe - love her by the donuts - I'd be happy too laying next to them!!! Take care!!
Aunt Shannon