Tuesday, March 9, 2010


A couple of cute and funny blog-worthy things happened yesterday (I say "blog-worthy" because most of what she does is cute and funny). The first was when Chet came home for lunch. Sydney had recently woken up from a nap and was fussing in her bouncy seat, so I picked her up and carried her into the kitchen, all the while talking to Chet. I randomly glanced down at her, and she was just grinning at me (which, truthfully, sort of scared me, because I wasn't expecting such an expression on her face)! Usually she only smiles when you're engaging in "conversation" with her, coaxing her to smile!

The other funny thing happened later that evening. I was washing dishes, and Chet was changing Sydney into her pajamas. I had picked out a 0-3 month zip-up outfit for her to wear, just to see how it fit, because she's nearly outgrown all of her footed newborn clothing. Chet finished changing her and announced that the outfit was way too big, but I didn't care. About 30 minutes later we were sitting on the couch, and realized that she had worked her right leg out of it's appropriate spot and put it in the same leg hole as the left leg. We thought this was hilarious, but probably because we're just tired.

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CranfordFamily said...

They do the cutest things!! The toe sticking out of the jammers and 2 legs in 1 are hilarious!! Keep the funny stories coming! I'm loving them!