Monday, April 5, 2010

Doctor Visit, Daycare, and New Clothes!

I feel like it's been forever since I've posted anything substantial; we've been busy! First of all, Sydney had her 2-month well baby appointment last Wednesday, March 31st (the day after the children's hospital appointment), and it went very well. She is developing right on track, and the doctor also told us that her Meckel's scan was negative! Woo-hoo! She also received her first round of shots at this appointment, which wasn't much fun, but she calmed down pretty quickly and fell asleep for the ride home.

In addition to doctor appointments last week, I went back to work and Sydney started "school". Although it was difficult to go back to work, it's kind of nice to settle in to what will be our normal routine. Sydney has adjusted very well to daycare, and I love picking her up at the end of the day! A few hours away from her makes me miss her so much!
First Day of "School"
After School (Tuckered Out)

Also, our little girl is getting big! A few weeks ago she really started to outgrow her newborn clothing, so I switched her 0-3 month clothing, and everything was HUGE on her, but now she fits into her bigger outfits quite well! Here are some of her new outfits.
Steve Urkel Pants

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CranfordFamily said...

My goodness she is growing so fast!!! She is the cutest! Did you cry when you took her to daycare?!?