Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rolling Over

I logged on to our blog to post an update, but am going to write about something completely different than I originally planned! Chet and I just received a text message from Sydney's teacher (I like the terms "teacher" and "school" better than "babysitter" and "daycare") that included this picture! (The teacher puts Sydney on her belly every day to strengthen her neck muscles, but Sydney HATES it! She always cries, then falls asleep.) In addition to the picture, here's what the text said: "She isn't happy but she's holding her head up and she rolled over twice!! I think it was more her head knocking her over, but whatever". LOL! Good job, Sydney! (I think she may be mid-roll in this picture, which is why it's blurry.)


Danielle said...

aw, yay Sydney! It's all happening so fast, isn't it?! :)

CranfordFamily said...


Jen Long said...

Already!?! Oh no, time come back!! LOL Yay Sydney anyway!