Tuesday, July 27, 2010

6-Months Old!

Can you believe Sydney is six-months old today? Chet and I certainly can't! We are so thankful for our Sweet Angel/Sugar Bear/Syd Syd (those are just a few of many nicknames)! Here is six months in review:
And, mainly for Chet, because he knows how these things go, here are all of the pictures (in order) from the six-month photo shoot:
Here's where I took away the lion...


CranfordFamily said...

6 months already?? Wow, time is flying by! She is suuuuuch a cutie! Can't wait to see you guys again!

jen said...

Oh My GOSH!! I want to eat her!!! LOL She's tooo tooo tooo cute!! If her baby cousin is half as cute as Syd is, we'll both be in a world or trouble! Miss you guys! <3

Danielle said...

oh, Ashley, she's just adorable! She's got such gorgeous skin color and beautiful blue eyes!! I can't believe she already 6 months old! Time needs to just freeze for a while, doesn't it?! She'll be crawling in no time!

(In answer to the question you put in my comments...yes, that was a Jeep stroller, but it was borrowed from my sister's sister-in-law...lol. We forgot to bring a stroller to Houston with us, so we had to borrow one! I think I've seen them at Babies R Us, though?)