Thursday, July 8, 2010

Old News: Father's Day Weekend

The Saturday of Father's Day weekend we drove to Orlando for a little family gathering. It was Chet's last time (until he returns from Africa) to see his grandma, parents, sister, and nephews, and it was a really enjoyable visit!

Sydney and Tyler

Sydney, pay attention to the book!

On our way home from Orlando, we stopped to eat Mexican food for Chet's Father's Day dinner. (Ha! Sydney REALLY wanted to eat it even though she doesn't know what anything other than milk tastes like!)

We also had a wonderful Father's Day. It was low-key, but great. At daycare the week prior, Sydney did a hand print project, so I framed the artwork and wrapped it as a Father's Day gift from Sydney. He loved it! Chet is the best daddy Sydney Jo could ever ask for!

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