Monday, January 17, 2011

11-Month Pictures

Wow, I am really glad there's only one more monthly picture to take! Chet and I had a hard time getting Sydney to sit still this time. Actually, she did alright, but there is a certain way I want each monthly picture to look (as close as possible to the previous monthly pictures), so sometimes I have to take 50 pictures or so in order to capture that. Here are her 10- and 11-month pictures, and some of the "issues" I encountered this month... (And in case you're asking yourself, "How many teeth does that girl have?", the answer is TEN!)
10 Months
11 Months
the usual
kind of crazy hair after daddy replaced the bow
attempting to leap off the couch
dancing a jig
holding the lion too high
getting mad at the lion
staring off into space
tired of taking pictures


CranfordFamily said...

I just love her so much! TEN teeth!! Go Sydney! She is too precious!

Anonymous said...

Great pics, & hilarious captions! -PJ

Danielle said...

She's soooo cute! And seriously....10 teeth?!?! Aubrey had TWO at her first birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYDNEY!!!