Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chet's New Truck!

Monday Chet and I were off work, so we bought a truck! Don't worry, we didn't buy it out of the blue. Chet has been wanting a truck for a long time, and has been doing lots of research. He saw this particular truck the other day while he was out running errands, and it was still on his mind a few days later. It is a 2005 F-150 King Ranch. We decided to look at it Saturday, thought/prayed about it Sunday (the dealership was closed Sunday), and bought it Monday! We love it, and it's a good replacement for his '96 Explorer (which was in great condition, but something Chet was ready to trade in). The new truck is on the left, the Explorer is on the right (perhaps I'll post better pictures later...).


CranfordFamily said...

oooo pretty! I love new trucks! Did y'all trade in the explorer?

Chet and Ashley said...

Yes, we traded in the Explorer!