Saturday, July 30, 2011

26- and 27-Week Belly Pictures

It's been exactly three weeks since my last post, and I promised myself I wouldn't go longer than three weeks without blogging again. Since I have a lot to update you on, I'll start with something easy: belly pictures! I didn't take pictures the 25th week; too much going on. Also, I'm not wearing "good" shirts for these pictures, so it's kind of hard to tell what I look like! (I kept having Chet take more pictures, as if a better camera angle would make up for the poor choice in clothing. Poor Chet.) I'll take a better 28-week picture, I promise.

24 Weeks (for comparison)

26 Weeks


27 Weeks

Again (with Syd this time!)
Speaking of baby, I am all registered with my new OB (well, OB office really). Like Sydney, I'll have this baby at a military hospital, but on an Air Force base rather than a Navy base, because there are no Navy hospitals close by. But I've heard wonderful things about the Air Force hospital, so I'm happy. Sydney and I went to an administrative OB appointment last Friday (yesterday), just to make sure all of my paperwork was in order, and to schedule my next regular appointment (Monday). Sydney was very energetic as I tried to talk to the nurse, so I will drop her off at the base's Child Development Center on Monday so that I can do my 1-hour glucose test and 28-week OB appointment back-to-back without a cute little toddler running around. Last time I didn't pass the 1-hour glucose test, and had to take the 3-hour test...I REALLY hope I pass it this time, because the 3-hour test is not fun!

I promise to post more soon, including house pictures!

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