Sunday, July 31, 2011

Church Shopping

Today we went to church for the first time since we've arrived in Gulfport. We arrived in Gulfport on a Sunday (July 10th); the following Sunday my dear friend Michelle (one of my college roommates) came to visit, and my dad also arrived that same Sunday evening to help us unpack. The third Sunday (July 24th) my mom and stepdad were in town (although they left that day). I will provide a better timeline and story of our moving experience soon...

Anyway, we went to church today. In Jacksonville we belonged to a contemporary Southern Baptist Church that we LOVED, and today's church was of the same genre. There are lots of churches in Gulfport (especially Baptist churches...not that we're dead set on a Baptist church, but the sheer number astounds me), and we plan on church shopping for a little while before settling on one. Although we also know how important it is to not dawdle too long, because we're only here for two short years, and the sooner we get settled the better (especially since Baby #2 will be here soon, and Chet will be deploying not too many months after that).

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