Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last post for a while...

This will be my last post for a little while. The movers come tomorrow to box everything up; Thursday they pack everything in the truck and drive it away. Chet and I "check out" of our base house Friday afternoon (we have to clean it thoroughly and have it inspected by the housing office). We should be in the base house in Gulfport this time next week. We will stay in a hotel beginning tomorrow for our last few days in Jacksonville, and then a couple of nights in Gulfport before getting into the house. Chet's parents are making the trek from Jacksonville to Gulfport with us, which will be a huge help, Sydney-wise. It's so strange that the move is finally happening! We have enjoyed our time in Jacksonville, but it's rare to be in one place for so long (six years for Chet, five for me!) when you're in the military, so we're ready to embark on our new journey!

She's saying "hot" in the picture, and waving her hand. One of us was cooking and she saw the steam.



Cheesy, Snotty Smile

Ready to swim!

She started to walk away.

Sydney loves her Crocs!


Casey said...

I love Sydney!

She is super cute and getting so big! Hopefully the move will be smooth for y'all and Sydie Sydie Boom Boom! Watch out with those crayons - they are dangerous if one slips away into a bedroom.

Cori has SO many pairs of crocs...they are her favorite. She has Camo, Pink, Purple, Yellow and then some white ones with stars on them. She mostly wants to wear them, which are fine with me b/c they clean up really nice. On Easter she wore crocs with her Easter dress. Somethings are not worth fighting over LOL

Angela said...

I miss you all so much and just love seeing Syd's sweet face. I cannot wait to meet #2!

Hope the move goes well... and here's to living in adjacent states in just a few short weeks! It is progress... :)

Anonymous said...

love the pictures......the first one - the caption could have read "you talking to me?"....LOL Happy moving - hoping all goes smoothly! Glad you will have his parents there to help.....sending love!
Aunt Shannon